against sexual abuse

How can you participate?

There is a way for everyone to participate. If you are a survivor of any form of sexual abuse or violence, we would love for you to share your story with us so we can  publish it on our website. If you support or know someone who is a victim of sexual violence, or you are just passionate about this important cause and want to get involved, become a CLIMB member/leader of your country. You can also donate to our cause or just help raise awareness among your friends, families, colleagues and peers through word of mouth and social media.

Join us as a survivor:

Going through sexual abuse is one of the most brutal experiences; but defeating this experience and being able to heal are greater achievements. CLIMB's mission is to show the world that healing is possible. We are looking for survivors of rape or abuse who are willing to share their stories either on our website (even anonymously) or on screen and be part of this positive movement. To share your story and join CLIMB, please tell us your story here.

Join us as a member:

Sexual violence is a global problem and CLIMB need leaders around the world to tackle this issue as per the country‚Äôs society and culture. CLIMB is looking for members and leaders to be the driving force in every community. Members/leaders will be responsible for organizing educational outreach programs, supporting survivors, partnering with other organizations and creating a positive movement in their country. To join them and learn more, please submit the form here.