against sexual abuse

Sexual violence can be tackled by legal and societal reform. CLIMB is determined to bring a societal change by encouraging survivors to speak up and share their stories. Not only so we can help support them on the healing journey, but so, as a culture, we can overcome the stigma and social repercussions that exist in our society.

The words "alone", "isolated", "confused", "lost" are often mentioned when talking to survivors, directing us to think that the survivors are often pushed into the corner whenever they make an effort to open themselves. 

How does CLIMB break this?​​

Our Vision
Climb against sexual abuse (CLIMB) is dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual violence and creating awareness in the society by sharing survivor stories digitally through articles and short videos. We aim to provide a platform for survivors around the world in order to break the silence on sexual violence, undo the stigma, shift societal mindset and create a powerful movement of global change.
CLIMB represents the journey that the victims take to become survivors.
CLIMB represents the journey that we, as a society need to make to overcome the social repercussions that exist today
CLIMB also represents the physical journey that we plan to take together to the mountains across the world and eventually to the Everest base camp.
We are planning small climbs along with survivors in some of our chapters, to symbolize the physical and mental challenges that a survivor faces. Our plan to ascend Everest base camp has been put on hold because of the recent earthquake in Nepal. We will re-plan and reassess once the Everest base camp opens up for public. Until then, we plan to continue with articles, short videos, presentations, smaller climbs and other collaborations.

What can we do?
Less silence, less violence
We need to break this silence and talk, shout, cry, yell every time we hear of an incident. This will encourage survivors to come out and report, the society to accept and deal with the consequence, the lawmakers to reform laws and more perpetrators to be punished. What we need is a way to “Break the Silence” on sexual violence.